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What's New

GLTF PBR Materials Maintenance

A collection of fixes for our new PBR Materials feature which was recently released.

Screen Space Reflections enables all surfaces to cast realtime reflections - no matter if they're a PBR surface, or use legacy shiny or blinn phong materials. They support roughness as well for "glossy" reflections on surfaces. Due to performance, they're disabled by default but can be enabled in Graphics > Advanced Settings.

The Library has 17 new Materials available, to help residents start building with PBR.

Known Issues

  • BUG-234789 Blue sheen / tint on objects with gLTF materials
  • BUG-234780 [Mac] Textures on game machines are blurry.
  • BUG-234724 [PBR] [Mac] Turning shadows on makes items with alpha blend textures disappear
  • BUG-233647 [PBR] SSR causes moire-like patterns on the water

Resolved Issues

  • BUG-234834 [PBR-MAINT] Impostors are invisible on GLTF Maint
  • BUG-234824 [PBR] Mapping mode and specular color not copied correctly when using UI
  • SL-20681 Pick creation: incorrect spelling on exit prompt
  • BUG-234740 [PBR] [Windows] Scaled/Offset Textures Quality Degrades at Short Distance
  • SL-20664 BugSplat Crash: SecondLifeViewer!LLWindowWin32::switchContext(1718)
  • BUG-234706 [GLTF] [PBR] Performance unstable / massive performance loss compared to default release
  • BUG-234727 [PBR] Box Shape Reflection probes glitch above 64 meters
  • SL-20647 [PBR] The mouse cursor does not display the "no" symbol when dragging a 'no modify' material into the material selection picker of an attached object
  • SL-20645 "You have placed a reflection probe, but 'Select Reflection Probes' is disabled." message is shown when the "Select Reflection Probes" option is enabled in the "Build" menu
  • SL-20639 Overlaying the Send/Post buttons on other elements of the snapshot window
  • SL-20627 Contribution: fix failure to save the normalized translation data during collada upload
  • SL-20611 Haze has no effect on local lights
  • BUG-234654 glTF - Opaque changing back to Blend
  • BUG-234632 [PBR] - Regression - Lossless compression normal map upload via GLTF asset is broken
  • BUG-234636 [PBR] Improve Light Probe Selection
  • BUG-234506 [PBR] GLTF Fullbright Rendering
  • SL-20542 BugSplat Crash #1354068: Second Life Release!LLReflectionMapManager::updateUniforms()(985)
  • SL-20340 When setting the Metallic, Roughness Factor and Alpha cannot set to 1
  • SL-20228 When a reflection probe is unchecked in a link set, it should stop being phantom
  • SL-20044 [Win10] BugSplat Crash: nvoglv64+0x14c97e0 after trying to upload WiggleBox.dae
  • SL-18343 Update PBR swatches in Build floater