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Your browsing. Private at last.

  • Don't let snoopers track what you do online. NordVPN shields your online activity from nosy third parties, malicious actors, and intrusive advertisers. How? By encrypting your internet traffic and masking your IP address.

On any device. At home and on the go.

  • A single account gives you up to 6 simultaneous connections. Available on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, and smart TVs. Protect all your favorite devices at the same time, in any combination.

The content you want. Fast and secure.

  • Enjoy the internet with no limitations. Pick from 5750 VPN servers in 59 countries worldwide to get safe and fast access to your favorite websites and entertainment content. At any time, no matter where you are.

What's New

  • macOS version updated to 8.12.2
  • Windows version updated to
  • Android version updated to 6.6.3
  • Dear bugs, it's not the same without you. It's way better now. (Not trying to be mean or anything here. Just making the app experience better.)
  • We took up a challenge of telling you what's new in 30 seconds. Go!
  • When you've been connected to VPN for a longer time, tap the 'refresh' button - the Quick Connect algorithm will check if there's a better server option for you and reconnect to the fastest server in the same location.
  • Share the NordVPN app with friends right from the Settings menu. It may sound cliche, but in this case, sharing is actually caring about your friends' digital safety.
  • A few fixes.