TechSpot is looking to hire writers that are driven and self-motivated when it comes to computers and consumer technology. If you're familiar with what we do, then you know we require profound understanding of technical matters and the ability to write about them with accuracy and authority.

For over a decade, TechSpot has remained a strong and influential voice in PC technology and we've historically hired mostly from within our ranks, with 9+ million tech-savvy readers coming in to keep up with the latest product and industry developments.
We have freelance openings for four distinct positions:

  • Feature article writer: This position will have you working with our editorial team to brainstorm, coordinate and write original feature articles, guides or explainers. Since we report on a variety of technology areas, we can adapt to your interests and strengths, whether that's more on the hardware side, software, mobile, web culture, or gaming. This position does not require daily work but be able to commit to deadlines and work closely with our team to conceive and execute on article ideas.
  • Lifehack/Productivity/Software article writer: Similar to the feature article writer, this is a more specialized position dedicated to tips and tricks covering a range of tech topics. This position requires you to be active to discover and come up with new original ideas around improving your productivity and the use of software, mobile and web tools better.
  • Daily news reporter: This position requires you to be active, discovering, writing and posting news stories on a daily basis. Creativity and a knack for picking timely and interesting topics is important. Excellent writing and proofreading skills are a must. You will be assigned a time slot and will be free to identify stories and report on tech topics in a concise yet inquisitive manner.
  • Weekend news reporter: Similar to the daily writing position, we'd like you to dedicate time to discover and report on interesting tech stories during weekends. Know a good story when you see it, be able to analyze what's important and report on those facts. Excellent writing and proofreading skills are a must.

Before you apply, you should know:

  • Relevant experience in technology journalism is important, but not a requirement.
  • Geographic location is not a constraint but native English skills are an imperative.
  • This is a work from home (Batcave, Fortress of Solitude, etc.) type of position.
  • Compensation is commensurate with article length, quality and experience.
  • Being a regular reader of TechSpot is not a requirement but certainly a plus.
  • Topics we cover on TechSpot include but are not limited to: computer hardware and software, mobile tech, internet culture, and PC gaming.

If you are not interested or the positions don't fit your bill, you can help us by sharing this with equally tech-minded friends and your social circles where you know there are people who may be a good fit.

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