Why it matters: As one of the most consumer-friendly storefronts out there, GOG.com has partnered with TechSpot to offer Superhot and Superhot: Mind Control Delete as an additional benefit to all existing and new TechSpot Elite members. If you enjoy our content, please do consider subscribing.

Earlier this year we debuted TechSpot Elite, an optional subscription program that lets you remove ads on TechSpot and get a few other perks for supporting our work. Many readers had asked for something like it over the years and I'm glad we finally launched it. We've been blessed with your support for over two decades and we want to keep bringing you TechSpot's unique mix of PC hardware analysis, tech news, and buying guides catered to enthusiasts.

We launched Elite with a simple promise: all reader contributions will go toward funding more content.

The past few months have seen us publish incredible series such as the anatomy of computer hardware, several explainers on things like caching, machine learning, and Wi-Fi 6. We're slowly building up a catalog of retro features on now defunct companies such as 3Dfx. We have continued to dig deep into CPU and GPU testing, with many exciting products set to arrive very soon in that segment. Game benchmarking, of course, continues to be our bread and butter. Those, to name a few.

Now, we asked ourselves. How could we make subscriptions more attractive? So we talked to our friends at GOG.com, and they came back with an amazing opportunity. In addition to other benefits, TechSpot Elite now gets you free copies of Superhot and Superhot: Mind Control Delete, courtesy of GOG.com. All for the same price of the subscription ($2 per month, when paid yearly).

We have great respect for GOG, and we hope this is only the first of similar such opportunities we can offer subscribers. Virtually all games offered at GOG.com are DRM-free and available for offline play. Plus, they usually sell titles for less than other digital stores.

We checked, and the Superhot series, just to name one example, is 100+% more expensive in other platforms. If you've been a GOG user for an extended length of time, this probably won't come as a surprise.

Here's what you get with your TechSpot Elite yearly subscription:

  • A faster, cleaner TechSpot page design
  • A completely ad-free experience, while supporting our work
  • Free copies of Superhot and Superhot: Mind Control Delete, courtesy of GOG.com
  • 15% discount on the TechSpot Store
  • No tracking pixels / scripts
  • Vote on our next Elite feature (let us know what you want)

Clearly, in these turbulent times, priorities should be made on where to use your money. Supporting humanitarian causes is more critical today than ever before. But if you've done your part and you still want to support TechSpot and the work we do, we will certainly appreciate it.

Advertising remains how we stay in business, but readers' contributions give us more ample room to fund and work on more unique features for you to enjoy. If you feel we've made a difference in this past year, following daily tech news, with your buying decisions, learning new stuff, or by simply bringing back good memories of technology from yesteryear, consider subscribing.

Finally, in case you missed it, last week we published our review of Superhot: Mind Control Delete. Just like the original, it's a simple yet fun shooter that you should definitely check out.