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Mod adds AMD FSR 3 frame generation to titles that don't officially support it

The big picture: A week after AMD published the FSR 3 source code on GPUOpen, modders have predictably started unofficially integrating the company's frame generation technology into various games. Additionally, it is possible to combine this feature with Nvidia's DLSS upscaling. Meanwhile, Intel plans to respond to frame generation using a fundamentally different method.
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At least three studios allegedly removed DLSS support before launch due to AMD sponsorships

Bethesda was not one of the three, but Starfield does lack native DLSS
TL;DR: Over the weekend, John Linneman from Digital Foundry stirred up some ongoing controversy regarding AMD blocking developers from including Nvidia's DLSS tech with exclusivity deals. The tweets got people on both sides of the argument riled up, and some subsequent deletions and explanations were required to clear the air.