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Amazon employees encouraged to ask company mascot for help with financial hardships

Peccy is a benevolent mascot
Facepalm: Good news for Amazon warehouse workers living in fear of being injured, fired, or replaced by machines as they earn $17 per hour at a company that generated $9.9 billion in profit last quarter: they can write a letter to the company mascot, Peccy, if they're facing financial hardships this holiday season in the hope "some of their holiday wishes" come true.
nvidia jensen huang radeon vii amd lisu su graphics cards ces ces 2019

Nvidia's success is making some now-wealthy employees complacent

Why work hard when you're sitting on a fortune in stock?
In brief: Is it possible for a company to be too successful and overly caring when it comes to employee well-being? It sounds strange, but that's the unusual position Nvidia finds itself in, with many long-term workers watching the value of their stock increase as they coast along in "semi-retirement" mode.
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