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Launched in 1998, TechSpot started its life as a personal tech blog called "Pure Rendition," that reported news on the budding 3D accelerator technology based on the Rendition Verite chip, one of the first mainstream and consumer 3D graphics processing units.

Shortly after, the site was renamed to "3D Spotlight" to expand coverage to the nascent 3D industry represented at the time by the likes of 3dfx and later Nvidia and ATI. In 2001, the site was relaunched once again, pointing to the new domain TechSpot.com. The name was acquired after the 90s dot-com bubble for a handsome $200 as the original owners had no good use for it. From there, the site expanded to cover to the entire technology industry. By that point, TechSpot was receiving around a million visitors each month. These days, TechSpot is home to over 8 million monthly readers, catering to PC power users, gamers and IT professionals around the globe.

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