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Believe it or not, the first version of TechSpot's dark mode dates back to mid 2018, as an early internal alpha and has since become a side project we've taken up and left on the back burner twice now.

Content has taken precedence (as it should!) and we've launched other important features that today are integral to the TechSpot experience... anyway, the good news is that we have a near final revision of dark mode that will be available soon. Early access for a few weeks will be limited to Elite contributors, an optional program we've been holding on to for quite some time and plan to launch next week.

In the meantime, here are a few teaser screenshots of dark mode (click to enlarge):




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This is great! Your stylesheets are so much better than Firefox's dark 'everything'.


If there are adjustments for this plugin I'm never going to touch them, it's awful on YouTube. Very good job!

Yes, of course. It will be an option from a drop down menu. It will be available on early access to Elite members. We'll open it up later for everyone else.
@Julio Franco Well, us old fogeys with our old eyes, do better with black type on white pages .

Not trying to rock the boat here, just hoping you'll leave that option available.

One forum I belong to tried caution yellow over jet black, and it was atrocious.
I have a question about pagination in Dark Mode. Is the highlighted page number then one we're on?
What is the latest news on this? I took a look in settings thinking I would give it a try. Is it still only available to Elite?
This dark mode looks good. There is an alternative to it though. It's a browser extension called "Dark Reader" which is available for anything based on Firefox or Chromium.