Tablets for insomnia - Ranking

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Insomnia is a disorder that significantly reduces the quality of sleep and negatively affects our functioning during the day. It is estimated that the problem of sleep disorders may affect almost 50% of Poles. Problems with falling asleep are often of short-term as well as chronic character. It is important to counteract the disorder as early as possible and prevent its effects, which can have a disastrous impact on our functioning. If you notice that insomnia reduces the quality of your life and makes you feel tired all the time, it is necessary to take action. It is worth implementing some new and healthy habits. As a supportive measure, it is also recommended to take products that shorten the time needed to fall asleep, reduce the number of awakenings during the night and bring relief and deep restorative sleep. Take a look at the ranking of tablets for insomnia.

Snoran Plus
Effectiveness: star star star star star star star star
The Effect: star star star star star star star star
Safety: star star star star star star star star
Price: star star star star star star star star

Snoran Plus is a natural, 7-ingredient dietary supplement in capsules. This product is the result of research aimed at creating an ideal product facilitating falling asleep and reducing snoring.

How does Snoran Plus work?

✔️ improves your mood
✔️ brings a feeling of relaxation
✔️ improves breathing
✔️ reduces snoring
✔️ helps you achieve a deep, restorative sleep

Snoran Plus is a natural support in the care of healthy and long sleep.

Snoran Plus is recommended for people experiencing problems with falling asleep and night awakening. It is also perfect for people who are stressed, working shifts or dealing with inflammatory conditions in the respiratory system, which contribute to snoring.

Whatever the cause of insomnia is, Snoran Plus will be a perfect helper bringing long, deep and restorative sleep.

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Melatonina LEK-AM
Effectiveness: star star star star star star
The Effect: star star star star star star
Safety: star star star star star star star star
Price: star star star star star star star

Melatonin LEK-AM is an over-the-counter sleep medicine containing a synthetic equivalent of the sleep hormone melatonin. The product can be purchased in three different doses: 1 mg, 3 mg, and 5 mg.

The effects of Melatonin LEK-AM are noticeable from the very first day of taking the drug. However, the best results are observed after about 2 weeks of regular taking the tablets.

The product restores physiological sleep and adjusts the body clock to changes in light and length of days and nights. Melatonin LEK-AM speeds up falling asleep, brings about relaxing sleep and reduces the number of awakenings during the night.

The drug is available without a prescription. In comparison with Snoran Plus, Melatonin LEK-AM has a much poorer composition. Before use, read the product leaflet or contact your doctor or pharmacist.

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Baldivian Night
Effectiveness: star star star star star star
The Effect: star star star star
Safety: star star star star star star star star
Price: star star star star star star

The last product to close our ranking of insomnia tablets is the over-the-counter drug Baldivian Night. The tablets are extremely popular, as its advertisement can be seen on television and heard on the radio. However, does popularity go hand in hand with quality and effectiveness?

The composition of the drug contains only one ingredient, which is valerian. This herb is used in supportive application in elimination of sleep disorders. Additionally, valerian also demonstrates sedative effects. The drug Baldivian Night relieves nervous tension, thus facilitating falling asleep.

The regular application of Baldivian Night brings about the state of relaxation. The manufacturer declares that the product shortens the time necessary to fall asleep and reduces the number of night awakenings.

Baldivian Night is a medicine available without prescription. Before use, read the product leaflet or contact your doctor or pharmacist.

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Is it worth using tablets for insomnia?

There are many products for insomnia available on the market. The choice is large, as we can find both dietary supplements, over-the-counter medications and potent prescription drugs, the purchase of which requires prior medical consultation. People struggling with insomnia often reach for OTC sleep pills. These usually contain concentrated plant extracts that help soothe the nerves and bring healthy, deep and restorative sleep without side effects.

Sometimes, magnesium supplementation turns out to be a good way to treat insomnia. In times when many people lead a stressful lifestyle, use stimulants and highly processed food, it is difficult to ensure an adequate supply of magnesium. However, this element can be supplied to the body through the use of dietary supplements. When deciding on such a step, we suggest choosing products characterised by high bioavailability.

Which tablets for insomnia to choose?

Our ranking was created in order to make it easier for the reader to choose the best tablets for insomnia. We have selected three products that are very popular and trusted. Consumer reviews that can be found on the Internet confirm that Snoran Plus, Melatonin LEK-AM and Baldivian Noc are effective remedies for insomnia. In our opinion, however, the winner is Snoran Plus, which comes with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. Moreover, it contains as many as 10 synergistically acting ingredients. They range from melatonin, balm, tryptophan, theanine, ashwagandha, gamma-aminobutyric acid, hop cones, saffron pistils, chamomile to vitamin B6.

Melatonin for insomnia

One of the most effective ways to treat insomnia is to take melatonin in tablet form. It is the equivalent of the sleep hormone produced by the body. The production process begins in the dark. When less and less light begins to reach the body, melatonin is produced in the central nervous system. The higher the concentration of melatonin in the blood, the easier it is for us to fall asleep. The sleep hormone regulates the body's internal clock. Thanks to this we feel active and full of energy during the day, but when it gets dark we start to feel sleepy. Unfortunately, in many people the process of melatonin production is disturbed, therefore they often reach for melatonin in the form of sleeping pills.

It is worth mentioning that the decrease of the sleep hormone is connected not only with the influence of the sunrays, but also with the light emitted by electronic devices, e.g. smartphones, TV sets or laptops. Therefore, just before going to bed, it is recommended not to use any light-emitting devices.

Stimulants and insomnia

Insomnia can often be caused by an excess of stimulants used. It is nice to start the day with a stimulating coffee. However, the excess of caffeine contained in coffee can cause difficulty in falling asleep. Frequent use of coffee, especially in the late afternoon, can make us feel over-stimulated in the evening, making it difficult to fall asleep quickly. Studies show that the caffeine contained in coffee can remain in the body for up to 8 hours!

We hope that the products and tips included in our ranking will inspire you to make changes which will eliminate insomnia.