Honey, I shrunk the console: The mini retro console movement is alive and well in 2024 with a new entry for the new year. Retro Games has introduced the 400 Mini, a half-sized version of the classic Atari 400 capable of emulating the entire 8-bit Atari range including the 400 /800, XL and EL series, and the 5200 home console.

The retro mini machine comes loaded with 25 classic Atari titles such as Millipede, Star Raiders II, Berzerk, Lee, and M.U.L.E. just to name a few. Optionally, you can bring your own games to the party and load them via a USB drive – a nice addition that would have made other retro consoles even more user friendly.

The 400 Mini can output at up to 720p 60 Hz, and features five total USB ports to support additional accessories like gamepads, keyboards, or joysticks. Each pre-loaded game also has four save slots, and you can rewind gameplay by up to 30 seconds to help tackle tough enemies or situations.

Nintendo is arguably responsible for kicking off the retro mini console with its 2016 launch of the NES Classic Edition. Knockoffs of classic game systems existed before this, but almost all of them were poorly made and a disservice to the games and experiences they attempted to recreate. Nintendo was the first to get the retro formula right with an officially licensed product that paid homage to its roots and didn't feel like a cheap piece of junk.

This paved the way for the SNES Classic and a whole slew of other retro minis including the Sega Genesis, the Sony PlayStation, and the TurboGrafx-16 Mini, among others. Nintendo arguably left money on the table by not releasing additional minis based on other fan favorite consoles like the GameCube or the Nintendo 64, instead electing to focus more on its Switch Online service for classic gameplay.

The Retro Games 400 Mini is available to pre-order now exclusively through Amazon UK for £99.99 (about $127) and comes with a single joystick, a recreation of the original Atari CX-40 joystick.