Forward-looking: Among the 50 consumer electronics products that BOE showcased at CES 2024 was a 45-inch 8K screen that stretches over a car's dashboard combining the driver panel, central control, and passenger panel into a single display.

Smart cockpit technology keeps on advancing, and its integration into popular EVs will continue to drive the space. In this context, BOE aims for its new screen to show how easily an automobile can transform into an "experiential third space' – cool tech for sure, but it's in the day-to-day usability where users will ultimately pass judgment.

Days before, the screen debuted in the Geely Galaxy E8, a fully electric mid-size sedan that starts at around $25,000. BOE said the borderless smart cockpit screen had a near-retina level display with 8K resolution. Each section of the Geely Galaxy E8's unified screen operates independently with touch integrated into the display.

BOE says that the design reduces the number of components from ten to seven, saving 1 kilogram in weight, and achieving a 9.8mm thickness profile with a 7.5mm slim bezel.

This is the latest example of the advancements in smart cockpit technology, with the central console evolving from a mechanical interface to touch panels that facilitate interaction between the driver and the vehicle. It's been noted, though, that this screen, as slick as it is, may soon become outmoded, replaced in consumers' affections with forthcoming products from BOE, not to mention other cockpit suppliers' offerings.

The OEM also unveiled a 45-inch 9K Oxide Mini LED in-vehicle one-piece screen at CES that has an increased resolution paired to a 90Hz refresh rate, million-level contrast ratio and 1500-nit brightness. And the 9K curved screen uses 20 to 30% less power than its predecessor to boot.

But the screen in the Geely Galaxy E8 will likely get legs from the car's debut, at least in China where the vehicle will be sold. The pure electric sedan is meant to take on BYD, the world's largest EV maker that is backed by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway and has been churning out bestselling models and intensifying competition.

Geely will begin delivering the Class B sedan next month, with the goal of targeting budget-sensitive mainland motorists, according to the company's CEO Gan Jiayue, who called it an ideal model to replace both existing petrol and electric cars.