With a new design, you can have fun exploring videos you love more easily and quickly than before. Just tap an icon or swipe to switch between recommended videos, your subscriptions, or your account. You can also subscribe to your favorite channels, create playlists, edit and upload videos, express yourself with comments or shares, cast a video to your TV, and more - all from inside the app.


  • Open and watch YouTube videos
  • Discover videos
  • Upload & share videos
  • Work with playlists
  • Work with channels
  • Preload YouTube videos
  • Change YouTube account Settings
  • How to play videos on your TV with your Android device
  • Controlling your YouTube TV with your Android device

Note: To get the latest version of YouTube for your mobile device without going to Google Play, download the APK listed here, install and update from within the app.

What's New

  • YouTube 18.41.33 is the version prior to forced ads.

A splash of color

Color was a key theme for us during the development phase. We wanted to add vibrancy to our apps without detracting from viewers' habits, whether that's enjoying their recommended videos or browsing for new content.

After tinkering with several ideas, ambient mode came to life. And when the first design concept was met with overwhelmingly positive reactions from users during testing, we knew we were onto something.

Using dynamic color sampling, ambient mode introduces a subtle effect so the app background color adapts to match the video. We were inspired by the light that screens cast out in a darkened room and wanted to recreate the effect so viewers were drawn right into the content and the video takes an even greater focus on our watch page. This feature will be available on web and mobile in dark theme.

YouTube links in video descriptions will change to buttons, and frequent actions such as like, share and download, are now formatted to minimize distraction.

We know that the main reason you come to YouTube is, well, to watch your favorite content. So we're making improvements to bring the focus back to the video player.

Now, we're making the watch page easier on the eyes: YouTube links in video descriptions will change to buttons, and frequent actions such as like, share and download, are now formatted to minimize distractions. The subscribe button is also getting a touch up: the new shape and high contrast make it really stand out, and while it's no longer red, it's easier to find and way more accessible to everyone on both watch pages and channel pages.

And we're more than just our looks. After introducing and testing several new product features on youtube.com/new earlier this year, we heard from many of you wondering when we'd make these more broadly available. The wait ends here: we're launching pinch to zoom and precise seeking to all users starting today.

New pinch to zoom

With pinch to zoom, you can now easily zoom in and out of a video while on your iOS or Android phone. And when you let go, the video stays zoomed in so you can enjoy the rest of the video in greater detail. Give your fingers a rest!

Previous release notes:

Sort videos by Most popular, Date added (oldest), Date added (newest)

For new features, look for in-product education & notifications sharing the feature and how to use it

  • Added Direct Download link which holds the .apk file for YouTube
  • Lots of bug fixes and stability improvements
  • YouTube Mix automatic playlists for music videos
  • Reply to comments
  • Improved video quality for Android 4.2 and above
  • Delete your own comment
  • See if a comment was shared privately or publicly
  • Share and like playlists
  • Your liked and personal playlists appear in the left-hand guide drawer