Brave 2024 has joined forces with LinkBubble to bring you a faster web - by blocking the ads and trackers that get in your way plus all the features you love from LinkBubble. Just go to the settings to turn on or off privacy features like ad blocking, tracker protection and Https Everywhere.


  • Ad Blocking
  • Tracker Protection
  • Https Everywhere (for security)
  • Page loading in the background
  • Efficient handling of links that direct to other apps

Recognized in Google Play's Best Apps of 2014, Brave (formerly known as LinkBubble) has unique features to make internet browsing faster and more seamless. When you click on a link in an app, Brave loads that webpage in the background, leaving you free to keep using your current app - rather than wasting your time watching pages load.

Brave is designed for both speed and security, so you can enjoy a lightning fast browsing experience without popups, malware and other annoyances. All Brave browsers are open source, so you can view our code and even make contributions.

What's New


  • Fixed EIP-1559 gas estimation issue causing transfers to fail on zksync Era Mainnet when using Brave Wallet. (#30473)
  • Fixed switch network notifications incorrectly being fired when a custom network is selected. (#30778)
  • Fixed tokens being shown as ETH when not on asset list and added block explorer links for such tokens in panel and activity tab. (#23565)


  • Fixed crash which could occur when refreshing the New Tab Page in certain cases. (#30938)
  • Fixed RSS feed parsing performance which caused high CPU usage when using certain sites. (#29125)
  • Fixed Brave VPN "Can't connect to server" error message when switching between regions while already "Connected". (#30792)
  • Fixed "Show tab search button" setting under brave://settings/appearance not being respected when a new window is opened. (#30829)
  • Fixed download bubble not being displayed when a file download is completed. (#30882)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 114.0.5735.133. (#31023) (Changelog for 114.0.5735.133)
  • Added Brave Translate. (#23813)
  • Added ability to customize the number of top sites shown on the New Tab Page. (#6619)
  • Added setting for "Close window when closing last tab" under brave://settings/system on Windows and Linux. (#1002)
  • Added Filecoin to Ramp.Network asset list in Brave Wallet. (#24123)
  • Added the ability to search networks when adding a new network under brave://settings/wallet/networks for Brave Wallet. (#23628)
  • Added Solana connectivity status in Brave Wallet UI. (#22184)
  • Added Filecoin Testnet support for Brave Wallet. (#23368)
  • Added dynamic Brave Ads payout status UI to Brave Rewards. (#23429)
  • Added more specific messaging when setting up pending tips using Brave Rewards. (#20748)
  • Added the ability to import from Opera. (#23738)
  • Added the ability to import from Vivaldi. (#23704)
  • [Security] Implemented feature policy for Ethereum and Solana for iframes. (#23710)
  • [Security] Fixed IPFS crash bypass as reported on HackerOne by neeythann. (#24211)
  • [Security] Fixed IPNS to always honor DNS-over-HTTPs (DoH) setting. (#24678)
  • [Security] Fixed certificate pinning. (#24451)
  • Implemented "Bridge to Aurora" for Brave Wallet. (#24377)
  • Implemented separate keyrings and correct root paths for Filecoin Mainnet and Testnet in Brave Wallet. (#23241)
  • Implemented 3rd party support for Google authentication with chrome.identity. (#15754)
  • Improved copying addresses within Brave Wallet. (#22740)
  • Updated Brave Wallet to prompt users to create a Solana account when interacting with a Solana DApp if no Solana account exists. (#23898)
  • Updated default buy asset to be SOL when Solana is selected under Brave Wallet. (#24066)
  • Updated default wallet preferences for Ethereum and Solana to be separate settings under brave://settings/wallet. (#24079)
  • Updated the add network panel for Brave Wallet to display the full RPC URL. (#23935)
  • Updated Brave Wallet UI to display a message when buy is not supported by selected Testnet. (#23773)
  • Updated Brave Rewards tipping banner to show error messaging when tips do not succeed. (#19071)
  • Updated IPFS to use a longer delay between reconnection attempts. (#24461)
  • Updated Brave Shields to persist "Advanced Controls" display when selected. (#23188)
  • Updated "Automatically redirect .onion sites" under brave://settings/extensions to be disabled when "Private window with Tor" is also disabled. (#23560)
  • Removed import of disabled extensions from Chromium browsers. (#24250)
  • Removed Jump List on Windows when deleting browsing history. (#9820)
  • Fixed "window.ethereum.send" to be writable. (#25078)
  • Fixed inability to send Filecoins from a hardware wallet with Brave Wallet. (#24824)
  • Fixed Speedreader crash which occurred in certain cases. (#24588)
  • Fixed inability to import passwords from Edge on macOS and Linux. (#24343)
  • Fixed high memory usage associated with Web Discovery Project. (#23573)
  • Fixed video playback being halted in certain cases. (#13586)
  • Fixed blank brave://settings page for Guest windows. (#24242)
  • Fixed tab group outline not being rendered properly when using light theme. (#24095)
  • Fixed unreadable bookmarks bar text when using certain themes. (#24110)
  • Fixed disappearing text under brave://settings/braveHelpTips in certain cases. (#22736)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 105.0.5195.68. (#25009) (Changelog for 105.0.5195.68)